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Pricing :

Deposit amount $600 per person refundable till trip is confirmed

Shared Room $999 price per person charged 6 weeks before trip

Single Room $1299 price per person charged 6 weeks before trip

Pay in full now to receive coupon code for $100 off

Shared Room $1599 full price
Single Room $1899 full price
(All processing fees to be paid by participant)

COUPON CODE: (only available to people who pay in full in first 3 weeks) $100 off total payment

Participant Info :

First Name *  Collected by default

Last Name *  Collected by default

Email *  Collected by default
Phone number *  (To be added to our trip WhatsApp group) Collected by default
Notes to Organizer (text box)
Allergies (text box)

Food Preferences (text box)

Special Requests (text box)

Below documents must be read and signed by the buyer of this trip:

Terms & Conditions* (signature required by Participant)
Disclaimer* (signature required by Participant)

Information to be collected 6 weeks prior to the trip :

Passport Number *  Collected by default

Passport Copy*  Collected by default

Address *  Collected by default
Emergency Contact Information (Name, Phone#, Email, Address, Relation to participant)*  Collected by default
Insurance information*  (Text Box) Collected by default

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